Saturday, November 13, 2004

laughed till I stopped

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood. The one thing that I can count on getting up every day, is that at some point during the day, doesn't matter when or where, I will regret not having a camera on me at all times...*(need to work on that)*

Well, it hasn't been storming here to much, been mild weather aside from a few downpours of sudden rain that disappears as quickly as it starts. That's bound to end soon. The tourists that are here at this time of year are either big execs in board meetings, or the really die hard outdoors enthusiasts that think tents are for pussies, makes for an interesting mix.

As for me, another day another 86,400 seconds of my life accounted for and tallied up to experience. Went down to Bakersfield over my weekend. The ride down was like a bad acid trip, in a 65 ford mustang that has no defrost let alone heater at 3am with a guy I barely know driving. A friend of a friend that happens to be obsessed with going as fast as possible around blind corners on icy roads in a car that is screaming for an alignment with offsized wheels.
Not to mention the fact that I was operating on about 3 hours of sleep from the previous night and had been up since 6am the previous morning. Not a pretty picture, terrified for most of the trip as I slipped in and out of conciousness, seeing things in the road coming to that I could have sworn were huge backhoes and various types of large tractor, and that just happened to be a combination of poor light, bad angle, and a lot of sleep dep causing me to halucinate. Scrunched into the back seat of a car that you could DRIVE from the back seat perfectly fine if the front were removed, with my 290 lb bodybuilder roomate, trying to use a little dog stuffed animal as an impromptu pillow, one leg tucked under me on the seat the other one sharing the space between the two front seats with my roomates, trying to snuggle with the steel interior of the front door panel while speeding around corners with cliffs on one side and granite walls on the other does not make for restful sleep.

Then comes the leg which *(naturally)* you're desparate to readjust but also unwilling to jostle the driver too much as he's already committing crimes against physics. Nothing good comes of this I can tell you...


I survived, and actually had some fun in Bakersfield as much as that might surprise some of you.
Went out to eat at an actual restaurant for the first time in months, got some more winter gear, bought some basic cooking stuff and food... and the drive back wasn't nearly as harrowing...probably because I managed to sleep through a lot more of it...good times!...;)

So, another day shall dawn, another sight shall pass me by, cameraless, and I will work and sleep and maybe eat.

life is peachy


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