Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Things we see

Through the passage of time we all see events that have an effect on our lives. Whether global events or simple personal events that shape how we view our world and our place in it. The truest struggle is looking back on our lives and attempting to determine the meaning of them, or how they have combined to shape us as individuals.

Everyone is effected to a greater or lesser degree regardless of what the event or circumstance might be. We are all more susceptible to different types of external or internal stimuli. External stimuli being anything that happens in the world or directly around us that we have to react to, either physically or mentally. Internal stimuli as an example is when we sit and contemplate something from a distance and perhaps formulate a new opinion or set of ideals to realign our position between who we view ourselves to be and what we view the world to be.

For every person there are multiple faces, who society at large judges that person to be, how the person sees themselves, how the person WANTS to be seen, and who the person REALLY is. No one knows their own depths, no one knows everything about themselves or anyone else.

How people want to be seen often is either opposite or at least very different from the internal person that they believe themselves to be. Someone that may be very weak, weak minded, weak spirited, may very well portray themselves as very strong. And vice\versa, someone that is very strong, may not feel the need to display their strength, and may often defer to others in order to conserve or disguise their strength, in order to save it for something that matters enough to them to stand up.

How society will see someone is usually based on the superficial aspects of who we are. How they dress, where they work, sex, race, religion. And while this outward evidence of who someone is may provide some basic insight into them, it is by no means an accurate way of outlining their psyche.

We all walk through life only able to catch glimpses of the types of people we are, based on how we internally react to external events. We can sit and contemplate and theorize based on what we have outlined as our moralistic stance, but until we're faced with specific circumstances that challenge those morals\ideals, we'll never really know.

What people often fear most, is that someone else might know who they REALLY are, because that would mean that they know us better than we know ourselves. I believe that most people deep down want to be understood, but it's also somewhat frightening to allow someone that power of knowledge, that ultimate understanding.


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