Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Wishful Thinking

So this weekend I actually managed to accomplish something. I went to town *(Merced)* and hit the mall and the computer shop. Took my computer in and spent some time getting quite firmly lost in the massive rat warren-like infrastructure of the city. Funny story. I went there with Michelle, my neighbor/friend. I had looked up the address for the computer store before we left but with my usual grace with such things I forgot all but the main cross street. So I have it in my head that it's on G street. Which naturally means absolutely nothing to me. So when we get into Merced I steer onto G street and stop into a gas station as the intermittent 80+ miles have knocked us down below 1/4 tank. Spend $25 filling the tank and Michelle uses the respite to find a pay phone with a yellow pages...finds the address for the computer shop and it's all the way across town on Pourlow St. So we go there...which takes most of the rest of the day as once we get there we find that the address she had found was for a construction site with a big "Action Computers Coming soon" sign, and we decided to utilize the convenience of the malls and shopping centers in this area.

Once were done gorging our consumerism, *(I purchased a new cd/boombox some clothes some cd's and some household stuff that was sorely needed)* we made it back onto the trek for the computer shop to finally put my poor ailing system in someones hands that isn't quite so frustrated with it's deficiencies. So I find another phone book and look this time for phone number to get the real address. Sure enough on G street. By this time we're both hungry so we stop at Carl's Jr. for her and continue onto G street. Once we get there we roam up and down it for about twenty minutes trying to match the address to an actual building unsuccessfully, so I see a Taco Bell right next to the gas station I originally pulled into to get gas when we first got to town. We stop for the taco bell, and as I'm pulling into the drive through, guess what Michelle points out. That's right, Action computers, in the same damned parking lot with the gas station and Taco Bell. The gas station we tried to verify the address only to find that the advertisement in the yellow pages points across town...*(sigh)*

This is how things work for me. But I got the computer into the shop. *(finally)* And hopefully they'll be able to bring about a functional solution to it's problems and I'll have a working computer again. For that I would drive around Merced a dozen more times.

But onto the wishful thinking, I'm hoping that this will all be resolved soon, I can go back next week and pick it up working. And once that all happens I can get on with my dominance of the world of online gambling. YEEEES! I will take your money. All of it you're willing to put on the table. It's good times. Now to exercise patience. Something that I could always use some practice with.

In the meantime, I have cleaned my half of the cabin, gotten us a much need floor mat, some new music, a new Towel...*(thank god)* and got to see some gorgeous spring scenery and hang out in an area somewhat civilized and modern.

Well not much else to report with me. Still working and dealing with it. Still reading too fast and too much. Still trying to stave off boredom with a wooden mallet if nothing else. Pain can be entertaining right?

Have a good week and all that...




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