Thursday, December 23, 2004

Work and more work

Well I knew the streak couldn't last. This will be the first five day work week that I've had since I came to the valley. Since I've been here I've been blessed with the opportunity to have four ten hour days and three days off in a row. This week, due to the fact that we lost three porters in two weeks and have a fourth on light duty to an unrelated injury, I will be pulling a fifty hour five day week, through the last two bracebridge performances and Christmas day. NO FUN. But it will mean a sixty hour paycheck at the end of it, which will be good, but I'm not sure that it will be worth all the work I'm going to be doing. I can only hope that I get the cook position I want before Chef's holiday comes around in January. Chef's Holiday is an enormous event that takes up the entire hotel for about three weeks. That means a disgusting amount of work for me, your friendly and hapless night porter. Also, it was inevitable, though I had hoped to stave it off for a longer period of time, I will be moving into a WOB this week. W.O.B is an acronym for "with out bathroom," basically a little shed like building they call a cabin that has windows and is more like a house, but is MUCH smaller than the tent I've grown used to. The only real benefit to living in a WOB is that you can be a little noisier without irritating neighbors, but our WOB shares a wall with another one. Our neighbor happens to be someone we know and are friends with but she works mornings and we work we're still going to have to be quiet, maybe even more quiet actually. So the only real benefit to living in a WOB as I see it is negated by that fact, and it is not going to be worth it to move, but i don't want to have to get a different roommate. *(grumble)* I don't know why mark is dead set for getting an f'ing cabin, but he seems to feel it's a necessary change. Well, we'll see, if I don't like it enough, I'm sure I can always move back into a tent and find another roommate. But I haven't lived in a cabin yet and am willing to give it a try at least before saying nay. Bleh. I'll admit that I'm slightly disappointed in this, we'll have to pay for an internet connection because the wireless network will not go that far through solid walls. And I was hoping to avoid ANY kind of monthly expense that I feel is unnecessary, since the single largest reason for me to be here is to be able to save money and pay off debt. Again, bleh.
Bitch, bitch, bitch, moan, moan, moan. PISS.


Not much else to say, work, and more work.

hope you are all having a good holiday and all that, I wish you all tranquil, and beautiful days full of laughter, joy, and love. And between working and sleeping, I have to find time to move, do laundry, eat once or twice this week, and keep up with email for as long as I have this IC to do so.



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