Tuesday, December 14, 2004


So yeah I feel like I've been dodging bullets like Keanu Reeves in a trenchcoat. I tried that dating thing that people talk about all the time. Not an experience that I'd subjected myself to before so thought that I'd give it a try. Like so many other bad ideas that are fostered in this skull of mine this culminated in a good amount of lost venture capital and an equivalent amount of discomfort.

Not unlike someone diving from a plane and deciding that "who needs to check the chute" is a sound philosophy, I barreled my way into the dating world head first with an untested crash helmet and plowed down a few walls before realizing that the walls are there to prevent one from dropping into a pit lined with serrated pitch-forks.

Actually, it wasn't at all bad. It was interesting and educational, not unlike having a limb amputated for science. OK, I'm joking. Really. The subject of said dating experiment is a VERY nice person, beautiful inside and out, and intelligent to boot. We simply have about as much in common as a swan and a falcon; in the same family, but that's where similarities end. I like her actually, but we would both have to change a LOT, for us to cohabitate in a bloodless manner. And as I've stated before, quite often the level of change that's necessary will sever what meager ties may pre-exist.

But about the bullet dodging, I feel that we could both be considered for oscars in our roles as black leather clad revolutionaries, for we managed a bloodless and completely amiable volley of non-lethal probes into each other's psyches, and both came away without any damage, and with egos intact.

We'll even, I believe, manage to remain friends to whatever degree two people as different as we are could be.

So I'd say that it was a successful experiment, albeit risky as all hell, in as much as we work in the same building, and no-one EVER knows what kind of weapons another will bring to bare.

Well, that's it for this exercise in blathering my life story to the cyber-world.

Until next time, keep your mac-10's loaded, and your cartwheels tight, cause you never know when an agent's gonna reach to rip your heart out.


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