Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Life is like a peach, once you clean up from enjoying it, it's over.

I hear them ask quite often, "Richie, how can you have the same great taste, and be less filling?" And I explain, "You see folks, it's all a matter of content." *(more on that later)*

Seriously though,

Life is an amalgam of constants that won't stay constant, and changes that won't go away. This is a rather well accepted aspect of life. Although, perhaps, not said or considered in that manner. I'm doing my best to not go the depressing route here. I've already had to delete about two paragraphs worth of writing to get back to here. I don't think that change or growth need be a depressing subject. I've been trying to keep myself open to change. I've gotten a membership to a gym and have started trying to work out regularly, I want to feel better, not just physically but about myself in general. This was a change that started shortly before I moved to Yosemite, and I lost track of shortly before I moved back to Eugene. Since back I haven't spent a whole lot of time or effort on it. Honestly I've been busy trying to either de-stress about work, or just escape life in general. But now that I've picked it up again I feel that this is a positive way for me to do all of the above. I can feed my stress/anxiety into exercise, and actually get positive returns instead of just canceling them out.

Besides that, work is work. No real news there. I'm starting to be more recognized and respected to a degree. Or at least people don't have a glazed look in their eyes when I start talking anymore, they've begun to listen. I've found that you can only be right so many times before people start coming to you for answers voluntarily.

Anyways, I thought I'd say something as I've been told that my silences can be deafening. I still very much enjoy writing here, I just haven't had much to say lately as life is just kinda going along. I'd like to think that that's a good thing. But you never know.