Saturday, May 02, 2009

The artist without

I have never really considered myself an artist per se. I'm more of an itinerant dabbler in a variety of art forms. Line sketching, pen/pencil, charcoal shading, chalk, acrylic paint, free-form prose, rhymed poetry, photography, carving, molding, video/sound editing/production/composition, you name it I've tried it. Some of my literary conceits I've even subjected you, my hapless readership, to.

Lately I've found myself drawn more to the f-stop, filter, zoom, variety. To whit, I've become quite enamored of Deviant Art of late. I spent the better part of a day cropping, resizing, and posting photos to my account there.

I invite any and all of you who may pop in to check it out. I find I'm most drawn to land/sea/skyscapes, with a particular penchant for sunsets, but do have a few flowers, trees, etc.

A number of the photographs available there are photos from Maui and Yosemite, though some are from the Central Oregon cascades. I do try to label them appropriately.

Let me know what you think!

Friday, May 01, 2009

It grows in rivers, valleys, mountains, swamps, dirt, rock, on trees, amongst weeds, and through concrete. Light, air, water, and seed are it's only needs. But we prefer to primp, process, prefab, precinct, parse and poison the land. Shorten your stride and lengthen your view. It's amazing what a little perspective can do. Grocery cart or garden hose, pick your labor down cultivated rows. Retail, for sale, by the pound, aren't you proud. Sun grown, or lawn mown, in the ground, or drive to town.