Monday, April 04, 2005

A flame without fire

Incandescence in it's truest form. Illumination, understanding, compelling reason. In this void we burn, a flame without fire, emitting bursts that can only be perceived by those capable of receiving along the same wavelengths. A glare shining down upon us from above, the over mind, the greatest construction of conception, the accepted reality. As tungsten we play our parts as relays, bouncing around the flashes and flares of ideas, burning our own abilities to conceive even as we burn upon our retinas and form wrinkles in our brains to represent the possibilities we've thus far been able to grasp without letting go in pain or denial. Yet even as we shine to show the path to reason our minds eye creates shadows that obscure, and our imagery paints that picture to others for the future without all that we can no longer see. So we are little light bulbs in projectors that play images across the blank screen of the world, and deny its truth with our light. We shows forms and display figures, waggling our digits in unison. All at once creating something from nothing, and destroying what there is to see without us.


At 10:54 PM, Blogger Scifikillr said...

Derka Derka.

The deck hit me in the face for about 4 hours straight today, pushed my account from about 400k to 850k. Good times :)


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