Thursday, April 28, 2005

Life and times

Well, I decided to take a critical look at myself in the mirror as I have had a number of people lately comment on how much weight I've lost and said that they barely recognize me from November. And holy shit. I don't know if losing more weight at this point would be healthy. I now have a flat stomach, very defined shoulders and back, and nearly no waist. The belt I bought a month ago, size 32, no longer has holes enough to be tight on me. I haven't had the opportunity to weigh myself, but I can't have lost any less than 30-35 lbs. So I have at least one happy thing to report. Everything else seems to stay at status quo. I fixed my computer, only to have it die again the next day, *(that's another story, I'm getting the motherboard replaced free at least.)* Any connections I make with people are still fleeting at best, but that's alright, that's the name of the game here. Work is as well as could be expected, they love me, and give me the worst shifts because I'm the only one who can be trusted to consistently do them, and I end up helping everyone else in the process. We'll see how long it takes to be promoted again.

Nothing much else happening here. Maintaining sanity through liberal use of a dry, cracked, and bitter sense of humor/irony. Kind of living day to day and trying to keep perspective on this partial existence.

Hope all is well with all of you, sorry I haven't been updating this as much as in the past. once I get my computer running, if ever at this rate, I'm sure I'll be more motivated to use the internet.

All the best.



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